What’s in my bag!?

Camera & Lenses

  • Sony a7iii - 24MP Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

  • Sony 16-35 f2.8 GM - The lens I use 90% of the time for Landscapes, City, & Interiors

  • Sony 70-200 f4 - Very handy for many situations, including landscape photography

  • Sony 24-70 f4 - Great all around purpose lens and perfect for events


VLOG Equipment


  • Tiffen Variable ND Filter - Used for video (1/50th cinematic style)

  • Breakthrough Photography x4 6 stop ND - Free from color casts!

  • Breakthrough Photography x4 CPL - Great for getting rid of reflections. cloudy days, and haze

  • Breakthrough Photography x100 Filter System - Works great with the magnetic system!

  • Breakthrough Photography 2 stop soft GND | 2 stop hard GND

  • Breakthrough Photography Magnetic Filters - Loving the magnetic filter system (rather than screwing on filters!)