Blog Officially Started! - Introduction

I decided to finally bite the bullet and get a blog going! The plan is to write about many different topics related to Photography, FIlmmaking, Travel, and Hiking! Maybe even business related topics in future!

Firstly, I believe an introduction is in order!

My background: I’ve always been involved with the arts in one way or another. From and early age I enrolled in an art school. I started with drawing and painting and quickly got into the world of music. I started with drumming and then the guitar, which consumed me completely! When I was in middle school (secondary school) I took a dark room photography course, which was an amazing overview of photography past and present.

I didn’t really get into photography/videography until about 3 years ago. I wanted to get into filmmaking, so I bought my first DSLR, which was a Canon 700D, and started reading everything I could abut the subject, which included countless of hours watching youtube tutorials! (In fact I still do this!!)

Photography/video has definitely gone hand in hand with my love for the outdoors and travel and it’s impossible to imagine nothing doing any of this now.

I’m still trying to soak in as much information and knowledge on techniques, approaches, equipment, and post processing as I possibly can and want to share my findings and knowledge with all of you in the process!

My Current Status & Mission:

I’ve decided to enter the world of freelance photography/videography, which is a whole new world to learn and explore. My goal is to continue traveling our beautiful planet and capturing it through my lenses along the way.

I made the leap from Canon to Sony not long after buying the Canon 700D and haven’t looked back since! The Sony a6300 was my first Sony and it allowed me to film in 120fps for slowmotion, as well as 4k video. It was a great first camera for filmmaking and photography. I quickly changed over to the Sony a7iii as soon as it was launched and currently use that as my main. Lenses include: Sony 16-35 f2.8 GM | Sony 24-70 f4 | Sony 70-200 f4

What to expect from this blog:

  1. Photography Techniques & Editing (Settings, Equipment, Long exposure, Northern Lights/Night shooting, Lightroom & Photoshop)

  2. Video Techniques & Post processing (Film Methods, settings, equipment, audio, color correction, grading)

  3. Travel & Hiking (From Hotels to hiking trails!)

Stay Tuned!