I grew up on the east coast of the USA, and from an early age, had a love for just about anything and everything in the Arts.

As a kid, I went to art schools for drawing and painting. Soon after, I started writing, playing the drums, and then the guitar. In middle school, I took a darkroom course, which was my first real introduction to photography.

I later worked for an airline and it was this opportunity that gave me the travel bug! This led to a deep hunger to not only see the world but to also experience it. Soon after, I packed my bags and went to University in London, England. This experience changed my life and view of world. I would travel at every chance and I knew at that point that this would be a lifelong partnership!

After London, I returned to the states, NYC for a year and half, before moving back to Europe. I’ve currently been in Ireland for the past 5 years. During that time photography and film-making had made a permanent entrance into my life. A new purpose and story to tell. Thanks to my camera, I’ve seen even more of the world, and I am continuously awestruck by its beauty.

My work has been published in GEO Magazine, Outdoor Photography Magazine, and also featured online by the likes of National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Travel, NatGeoYourShot, and Landscape Photography Magazine.

My soul mission is to not only capture moments, experiences, and beauty. but to also inspire others to get out into the world and experience it for themselves!

-Neil Tapman


Media Kit available on request.